Party Application
Effective immediately, all members wishing to have a party at Northwest Swim Club need to submit the following form at least 7 days prior to requested event date. The NWSC Board Members will review the submission and either approve or deny the request.

Various factors determine whether a request is approved, including, but not limited to, membership dues are paid in full, staffing of lifeguards, other events at NWSC, size, and availability. Northwest Swim Club will no longer accept large groups of guests (7+ guests) without prior approval from the board.

We appreciate your understanding in our efforts to:
  • ensure we are staffed properly
  • avoid conflicts with other events
  • respect other members

CONDITIONS: For all approved events, the Host Member is responsible for assuring that all guests adhere to NWSC club/pool rules.  At the discretion of the life guards and/or Club Manager, members/guests may be asked to immediately leave the club for failure to comply with club/pool rules.

FEES: Up to 25 guests: $25.00 fee plus three dollars per swimming attendee, no fee for non-swimmers.  Over 25 guests: the fee is set by the board and three dollars per swimming attendee, no fee for non-swimmers
Event Type
Start Time of Event
End Time of Event
Number of Guests
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Comments/Additional Information
Date of Event